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Friendships End

Mia was thrilled with herself.

she’d tricked her friend and turned her energy against herself.

now Mia controlled her and would use this opportunity in available energy to benefit herself.

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“Gaaah!” she yelled out as her body started to strech and glitch.

desperate to shed her ankle strapped servant shoe, she’d rolled the dice and tried to shape shift real quick into someone with free shoes.

“Guuugh!” she was stuck and about 10 random things happened to her. energy crackled around her, popping and buzzing as she shook.

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Armed ShapeShifter

it wasn’t her body.

it wasn’t her house.

but she liked these arms. she felt like she was in a special club of enlightened multitaskers.

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Book Trap

The second she opened the book she knew it was trapped.

“Goddamn it!” the blue chemicals came flying out. her belly immediately started expanding immediately.

her nose burned hot and blue. it was about to spread through her whole body.

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Shrinking Female

she noticed the pink agent at her feet and before she could even turn around she’d started to shrink fast.

smaller and smaller at a high velocity.

it was bad for her to shrink like that and not be prepared. people were gassing their own people.

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Biggest Feet in Town

she was a tourist, running around in a fresh body.

every night at 11 she had to spend 1 hour with a side effect. she never knew what it would be.

but it had been big feet for a while and she didn’t mind one bit.

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Time Travel

secret lab work, using shape shifting to create energy and open gateways to other times and places.

standing on one leg, Sue began to move her extra legs and arms to the vibrations from the music playing.

she could feel cloth under her feet. she was about to enter the old world.

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nothing like a day on the water with extra arms.

she was ready to swim but was also noticing how annoying boat people can be.

they all seemed to put on airs.

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Energy Generation

she was as prepared as she could be.

dressed in all red, small strong and fit, she twisted herself backwards as planned.

energy exploded above below and all around her. the gateway was opening.

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Bird Brain

she’d been squawking and bawking for days.

a horrible fate and one worthy of arrest and police harassment. pigs would hate on a chicken for sure.

but here we see her saved. entering the quantum dimension, turning into a cartoon enough to escape the corrupted reality she had occupied.

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little did she know she was given a slight curse. but it wasn’t even that.

someone who hated her had it rigged so every time she lied on social media, then her nose would grow.

and she was lying all the time about the stupidest shit.

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she wasn’t herself. and she couldn’t talk.

this was the first day of the rest of her life. never again did she see a single old friend.

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Squated Bimbo

“uhhh?? what now??” the bombo thought to herself.

“eep!” suddenly she was only 3 feet tall, but she’d shrunk and lost her waist.

her mind was full of confusion. she didn’t even notice that now she had on red shorts, and if she had half a mind about it, she could easily use the color to fix herself.

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Big Feeted

she stretched out.

her feet were huge today. she thought that sounded exciting.

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Handed Out

agent pink suddenly filled her room.

“hey!” her legs shot up in size as her arms pulled themselves into her body.

her hands grew but she could only move them at the wrists. struggling to find her balance, she looked around for a way to escape.

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The Wishers

they had both been playing a dangerous drug fueled game of shape shifting and ladder climbing.

ruined and trapped, they were lost in the quantum level going in and out of genie bottles over and over. their owns wishes and fears turned against them.

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Big Feet in the Red Room

before she started shifting in the red room she reached out with her mind.

“is someone with me? can I be heard?”

silence… “if you hear me, grow my feet and let me know you will help me though this.”

*stretch* both of her feet tripled in size. for the first time in her life she didn’t feel alone.

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Beach Complications

she’d come to the beach and hoped for a good time.

a healing time.

but she was robbed of that. her neck expanded as she began to turn 2D. she’s be trapped in this rock if she didn’t get moving.

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visiting Oregon on vacation.

popular spot. the secrets in the forest were able to offer many healing opportunities.

people would visit and find a space to themselves and shrink and grow themselves over and over again until they worked out whatever fever clung in them.

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Warm and Wild Eyes

her mind had flown open as her consciousness stretched and bent.

both her brains moved back and forth, going up and down from pure air.

her field of vision expanded as the same dance happened all over the world.

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Shocked in Growth

they both gripped each other and held on.

Who knew what would happen? Jane squeaked as has ass started to quickly grow.

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Combo Body

it was a sacrifice, but not so bad.

the Combo Clone body. Two different women take on the same shape and then combine their bodies.

if they can make it 3 years they have a clean bill of health. If they can seperate they’ll live free again, until the pigs and or debt creep back into their lives.

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Agent Blued

“Nooomfff!” she screamed.

her life was about to change for the worse. pigs hated blueberries and would always find some fake reason to attack them.

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Arm Thieves

she’d come into the lab for a totally different reason.

a bullshit reason. a trap to get her in here.

to steal her arms. to make it illegal to drive herself home. make it hard to work and deal with people.

on and on and on the Shits and their plan from 0 A.D. and B.C. to wanna be forever. they refused to stop.

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Cool in the Waterway

she’d been poisoned and ruined.

turned into a bimbo. had her consciousness doubled and then had her senses ripped from her.

she was a sitting duck, distracted by shiny shit from now on.

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More by Chance

not really putting a request but suddenly she got thicker and thicker.

that was fine in theory but it also meant adventure might becoming. and she was tired.

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Conjoined Purgatory

turned to twins and stuck on the same body.

for now they each had their arms and a head and their memories.

but not for long. one or the other of them would take over and start subjugating the other when she became helpless.

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Mouse Cursed

business was tough. once men were out of the picture, due to the fact that they couldn’t shape shift and died with all the other animals when the world boiled.

but the shape shifters didn’t die, and business went on as usual again.

if it was even real. it seemed like everything was just appearances.

but it was constant betrayal. Helen squeaked as her ears grew to a huge size and a tail quickly pushed itself out of the top of her pants.

Agent Pink filled the room and she started shrinking right into it.

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Edenic Room in Quantum Space

they’d shrink down to and make hell spaces in the quantum realm.

it was like vegas. no outside law and anything was possible. for a while it was great until it went to shit.

and now this is where the hopeless went for help and evil women were able to twist and abuse tons and tons of souls.

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Bigger Gains

‘oh shit…’ she was a bimbo and could feel her mind popping and starting to slip.

but just like that, she started to feel way better.

looking down she saw her body swell and gain mass and weight. her skin got even smoother and ran hot with heat.

‘thank jah….’ she muttered to herself. She knew she was part of something and it was helping her luck out of some bad shit.

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Side Effect Lives

side effects. big ears, a silly voice and a body that spend an hour a night as long snaked shape. it was hard to keep a constant form, face and mind. but that was the goal. and this was close. everyone dealt with it in their own way, keeping their minds, depending on their past.

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From the Wood Walls

she stood against the wood walls.

surrounded by energy and spirits it was one of the best ways to shift into a new body.

but it didn’t always work. she screamed out as four new breasts appeared on her body.

she’d just been turned into something illegal.

VERY illegal in some circles.

mother mary churchy church wouldn’t like this at all.

and so she’d be gotten at and compromised by a system that just wouldn’t stop.

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The Bigger

it was a last ditch effort. pushing through the 4th wall she asked for an escape.

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Dosed Bluebelly

she’d been feeling strange all day.

about three minutes ago she started feeling her stomach filling up.

legs feeling weak, she sat down in a panic, her body growing and turning blue.

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Bad Morning

she woke up with big hands and ears.

her cheeks burned and she was pissed.

who knows what trouble this nonsense would bring.

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Bimbo Divided

being a bimbo was bad. it could be impossible to think.

but a consciousness divided and split could maintain.

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she was free. she had the perfect shoes.

bigger on command. her dream come true.

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Shrink Traders

You had to find a buddy in this life.

some shrinkers were able to live with another shrinker. They could rig things so that one woman could stay full sized for a few days at a time and all the shrinking would be put on the other.

living this life long enough in true cooperation, a cure was possible for all things.

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things were getting funnier and funnier to her.

she started grinning bigger and bigger as her mind expanded on her.

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Morning Changes

she woke up asian with four breasts.

“this is not good” she thought to herself. “I have to call in again for this shit.”

she was going to get fired if she couldn’t find a way to maintain herself.

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Big Foot Life

Laura wasn’t herself outwardly but she could keep herself inside. keep her memories and speaking style.

she just needed big feet and her mind was her own.

no bid deal until having big feet became illegal. and then the shit colonists made themselves a federal case.

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Red Headed Rulers

she had it all. a brain, a body that worked, and support from beyond the 4th wall.

“give me four arms. I need four arms…” she dreamed off from inside her head.

the request was found and answered. her fours arms gave her options, and she immediately gave herself a bigger ass.

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Growing Sadness

she tried to think. she just wanted to cry and concentrate herself.

it was hard. she felt her face starting to warp and change. her lips grew out and her face began to take a new form.

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