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Getting Stuck

Naomi couldn’t move and she was growing together.

one of her hands was stuck to herself and the effect kept moving up.

but one hand was free and Naomi took that as a good sign. maybe things would turn around for her.

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Slipping into Bimbo

she’d spent a lifetime around jingos but had never really thought much about it.

but they’d get at her. she found herself relaxing and looking at the fire from a sparkler someone set her up with.

“like this thing tickles. she didn’t even notice her long blonde hair and her new sizes. “when are we like blowing up the big stuff?”

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Hope Turns Blue

Hope was turning blue. Her stomach getting larger and larger.

she couldn’t stop it and the anticipation of it all was killing her.

Hope stood and tried to hold on. she wished someone would help her.

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Shrinking Woman

Amy needed to fix herself. Her nose was too long to get a good job and she was sick of it.

she tried a good friend of hers into coming to a secluded room.

Amy then pushed through a request to the 4th wall to please shrink her friend. and it worked just like she figured it would.

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Memory Reset

whatever she’d known or had been good at was finished now.

her long blonde hair spilled over her shoulders and her eyes went cross as her memory blasted out.

suddenly her cheeks burned red and the energy from her outfit began to make the room spark and buzz with power.

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Doctor Visit

Meeka had been on 4 legs for a while and couldn’t stand it.

it was so difficult and annoying to be like this.

so she visited a doctor to see if there was any help or way to shift out of this. this was, her doctor was a predator too. there was no one left to trust.

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she woke up mouthless on a very important day.

a day she couldn’t cancel. a day that was going to cost her a good chunk of income and freedom.

“now what?” she thought. “what the fuck am I going to do?”

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Life with four feet

a sentence of feet for hands. a diversion on the way to four legged probation and then who knows what.

it was trouble though. her worst fear was anyone seeing her like this. if a rival knew of her condition they’d be all over her.

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Blue Haired Bimbo Blasted

where was she? what year was it?

suddenly her hair turned red and tied into pony tails. Her mind had just enough time to worry when she changed again to a blue haired bimbo.

“oh no I’m like getting stuck like this…” she said to herself. “someone set me up…”

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she couldn’t hold on.

her mind blinked and blorked and stalled out.

her enemies had gotten to her.

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Big and Strong

with a wish, the bimbo pushed out through the 4th wall.

I wish I was big. I wish I was strong and thick.

she started to grow and grow until she was twice the size she had been. her confidence in life was now high.

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Office Bimboed

the business world was brutal. employees would constantly undercut each other and try to get each other demoted.

one of the most pervasive methods was putting a Bimbo app curse on someone who had a vulnerability.

then they’d start turning at work and find themselves on the street. and probably get attacked by the pigs.

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Late Night Liar

all she ever did was complain online and build herself up with strawman arguments.

One of her ‘friends’ put a quick long nose app curse on her.

and one to make her not notice. if she went into work like that tomorrow they’d be all over her.

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Getting Thicker

her skin tingled and felt hot. something was happening.

she looked down at herself and saw her waist expanding out. Her legs and ass started doing the samething.

“why now?” she thought. “bad sign… could be a bad time up ahead.”

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Anti Selfie

she’d done to many chemical transformations in her life. it had unsynched her minds.

so her body kept kicking her off when it could. it wanted to teach her a lesson.

a red shape shifting shoe pushed down on her skin and it hurt. as the head looked up, the body was about to take a shapeshift app photo and toss caution to the wind.

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Bimbo Power

if she was going to be a Bimbo, then she was going to be a Bimbo on her own terms.

for one, she wasn’t going to loose her mind, she was going to expand it.

her ass grew to a great size as her second brain expanded with it. she was in control and was never giving up her free will.

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she’d been feeling pretty good but some fink had it out for her.

“ahhh!” she yelled out as she shrunk. she lost a serious amount of mass and she got too skinny. it felt terrible.

her face turned up and morphed all weird. she let out a muffled “mmgff???” as it happened. “what the fuck?” she thought. “I can’t go out like this.”

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Turning Goofy

Alyssa was trying to rest and keep herself as herself, but it wasn’t working.

she broke out in a sweat as her skin turned white and her finger nails burned in red.

“ohh!” she yelled. her feet were becoming bigger and bigger. she could see them, all white and huge growing against the floor.

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Happy Blueberry

she bimbo smiled. soon she’d be free from being a bimbo and that’s all she ever wanted.

she’d volunteered for a random change, anything to break the bimbo curse she was under. it had competently ruined her life.

so now she felt her stomach grow and grow as her skin turned blue. she was going to spend sometime as a blueberry girl and it filled her soul with joy. a fresh start.

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Fresh Foothands

it felt weird and fairly terrifying.

her fingers had jammed up and gotten smaller and smaller, with her thumb getting all fucked up and pulling forward.

‘fuck! my hands’ she stared at her new feet hands in silence. waves of panic and shock went through her body. she needed to get this fixed proto before it ruined her life.

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Bimbos Are Haters

her knees were bending against her will.

“like what the fuck??” her cheeks burned red and her lips felt like fire.

“jeepers!” she exclaimed. her nose grew out over a foot and she was stuck squatting all weird. bad place for a bimbo to be. it was going to be hard to come back from this bullshit.

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The Shared Chair

Laura had been promised the chair if she agreed to be shrunk. Vicki was going to sit on it anyway. this was a magic chair for both of them and it was fair. Laura didn’t really agree and started plotting in her head a petty revenge scheme. she’s been raised to win, not put up…

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Wiping the Webs and the Dew

she was shrinking slowly when suddenly something came over her.

her third eye tore open with a blast of heat. suddenly she saw everything past present and future.

she knew what to do. she knew how to escape. ‘this wasn’t real. none of it was.’

her third eye pulsed and grew as her mind raced in a loop. ‘none of this is real. this isn’t real.’ she thought over and over again until she finally got it.

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The Brunettes Surprise

she was in red and was holding red. the energy in the room was building so she could shift a few times. suddenly her nose grew out over a foot! she was in total shock. something was wrong. someone had it out for her if this was how her change was going to start off.

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Getting Small

they were pumping that pink shit around again.

it didn’t effect everybody, but a pretty good percentage of the population would have a uncontrolable effect.

then the police would simply swoop into an area they’d poisoned and scoop up anyone until two feet tall.

“its LEGAL!” the pigs would squeal. “its OUR RIGHT!!!” they’ll go on, loud as shit everytime they were criticized.

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The Bimbos Dilemma

she could hardly think. her hair was so blonde that it was totally wiping her memory and mind.

it infected her thoughts more than she could stand. the giggles in her brains boinked and bopped.

‘like teehee please like fix me or like a teehee side-effect like that is a like a relief?’

she twisted around backwards. if she could stay like this for three days then she’d be able to change again.

‘but like this doesn’t teehee like teehee make anything easy!’

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Small in Yellow

she’d hoped for a better day, but it was not to be. “no!” she screamed out as she shrunk and headed to the floor. “I have shit to do!” she yelled out in vain.

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she felt really good and strong, with a powerful head of hair.

but something was up. suddenly she felt herself shrink in a quick way, straight down to the ground.

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Genie in the Kitchen

helpful genies could be anywhere in life.

it was always such a nice surprise to have a nice genie decked out in blue appear and lend a hand.

genie magic could undo or redo a great many things. and they loved helping out.

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strong and confident she strode through life like she owned it.

she licked her lips. they felt hot and she wondered what might be next.

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Surprised in Battle

a warriors life had finally caught up with her.

but her lucky day wearing red and finding herself suddenly with 4 arms. two swords and two guns.

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Backward Terms

being backward could bring great relief.

it could bring great stress. it could bring dependability.

instead of turning into something crazy, a simple request could be put in and a backwards side effect would take over so that everything else lined up would be put on hold.

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Tiny Lady

now she was shrinking. Now everyone was looking way down on her.

being small like this, people would forget about you. forget that you matter.

and before long they all forgot that anyone small mattered. anyone under 3 feet was second class and prime fixin for the particle predators.

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Marked Bimbos

all bimbos were concidered liars but without a big nose, it wasn’t something they had to worry about prosecution.

but if they did have a big nose like this, the police would bring the hammer down in two seconds.

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Shocked in Black

she was shrinking and shrinking fast.

but instead of loosing particles and mass, her second brain was able to grab those particles and keep a hold of them.

both of her brains locked in. they’d work in tandem to keep themselves together.

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Surprised in Pink

she was in shock as she found herself blonde and in pink.

suddenly she expanded twice her frame size. red heat burned on her lips and cheeks.

her mind stayed with her. she had enough particles filling her up to get out of this blond nightmare.

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Happiness in the Thickness

she loved having a clear mind. she loved being smart. she loved not being blond.

her ass grew big anytime she wanted it to. she just thought about it hard and the process would begin.

she loved it. the sensation was like nothing she’d ever felt in her life before being a shape shifter.

this. this was a game changer for her. by having a big ass off and on, her minds lived in harmony and she was almost immune to ever getting a bimbo infection started.

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The Fear

she was two people, forced to look alike, forced to share one frame.

and they were changing while being pursued.

*sob* the left head couldn’t take it. she was changing faster than her partner.

*SOB!* “Like, they’re totally going to get us. they’re going to find us and shrink us and take us! fuck!!”

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11 O’clock

every night she was like millions of others who had found relief in the 11 o’clock hour.

at each days end, at eleven a random change or two or three would take place.

not a big deal but you couldn’t let it happen on the street.

it had to be something that happened in private. end each night backwards, or shrunk or mouthless with four hands unable to even read a book.

but if this is what it took to have 23 normal hours, almost everyone in civilized world went for it.

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Tolerable Secondaries

bimbo. she’d had a bad run at several points and she could easily find herself slipping back into a bimbo.

she’d always hated it on many levels. one, cause the pigs might hassle you and pretend they’re so scared about it that they need to attack you.

but the real problem was being a isolated bimbo. with no friends or pals she’d go crazy with loneliness. eventually she’d turn into a higher level bimbo and more and more until she’s ruined.

but this was a fix. she’d found a way through her local shaman to take on what was referred to as a secondary side effect.

my allowing something else to happen she was able to use that moment to put a hold on the brain damage that came with being a bimbo.

so her feet were three sizes bigger than they should be. the red on her feet and face burned her with a cool sense of anticipation. the shaman told her how to use the reds and undo the chemical damage she’d taken on when she first learned to shape shift.

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Divided Minds

she wasn’t herself anymore.

and now she was two of herself that wasn’t herself.

“what.. is this..?” both of her kept wondering. never acknowledging the other one. just laying there her mind went so far outside the box maybe she’d figure something ou

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Sticking Together

it took a lot of trust to become one with somebody.

wasn’t like you could just detach again anytime soon. this was a real commitment.

but it also solved problems, so people kept doing it and hoping for the best.

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she’d found a green mask lying around and thought she’d try it on.

it seemed to fit perfect and moved her face around a little.

felt really good. down in the hot tub she started to get a little paranoid about it. she hoped nobody noticed.

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Backwards Bath

the bath had been a strange one. she’d never tried to do this backwards.

but she had four arms and that made her feel pretty good about the whole thing.

shortly, she’d be able to hopefully transform and teleport to a different bath tub somewhere else in time and or space. she just had to keep moving.

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she’d dogged a bullet again.

her random transformation of the 11 o’clock hour was one that didn’t cause her a bit of trouble at all.

she looked forward to having a nice evening.

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